Hi, I'm Cody James Cummings

Each Sunday, I write a newsletter called Things I Wish I Knew Earlier.

My approach is to read great books, watch podcasts and educational videos, and write—all in an effort to find great ideas. You know, the ones that make you think, "Damn, if only I had known that when so-and-so happened."

Here are a few reasons I choose to share these ideas with people like you:

  • These are things I wish I knew earlier (as you can probably tell by the title), so if I can leverage my effort to put these ideas into your hands earlier in your journey, that seems like a kind and worthwhile thing to do. And I like to do kind and worthwhile things.
  • I want to connect with and serve people like me who are curious, open-minded self-improvers.
  • My most long-standing dream is to become an author. So, when the time comes to realize that dream, I'll have a community of like-minded people to share it with.

My favorite part of this newsletter is that I get to follow my curiosity wherever it takes me, so I won't make any promises about the kinds of topics you will find in it. However, a few topics that you may find in future editions are:

Entrepreneurship and wealth-creation (I am a real estate agent), private writing for public transformation, personal growth strategies, religion, philosophy, and spirituality, amongst many others.

All of this is brought to you through simple, straightforward, and (hopefully) entertaining writing.

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