Escape Your Day Job (By Becoming Your Own Boss)

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The Why

The year is 2011.

I’m working through college as a part-time tire lube express technician.

And I HATED it.

I hated having to report to people I didn’t admire.

I hated not having any money…ever.

I hated feeling trapped.

I hated following rules I thought were stupid.

I hated doing work that anybody else could do.

I hated doing work that I didn’t care about.

I hated having to ask another adult for permission to leave.

I hated trading my most valuable resource (time) for a whopping $7.45/hour.

I wanted to be out in the world, learning and growing, coming and going as I pleased, making lots of money.

I wanted to be free.

But I didn’t know how to escape.

One day, a few weeks later, I was walking across campus when it happened.

The solution struck me in the head like a meteor falling from the sky.

The only people who were living like I wanted to live were not employees at all. They were entrepreneurs.

There I was working hard to pass classes just to (hopefully) get a job working for somebody else.

How foolish!

What I really wanted was to be a full-time entrepreneur.

That was the highest resolution version of my dream I could muster at that time, a glimmer of light, a flicker of what was possible.

But I didn’t know anything about running a business.

I didn’t know what kind of business I wanted to run.

And I had no idea where to start.

The Goal

13 years later, I am proud to say that I have been a full-time entrepreneur (that is, earning my full-time living from business profits) for 10 years.

It took me 3 years of thinking to figure out how to launch my first one.

And 10 more years of work to iterate and optimize that business into my present-day operation.

I have total control over my time.

I spend my days in precisely the way I want.

I don’t report to anyone but myself (and my wife, of course).

I don’t follow any rules I think are stupid, because I make up the rules.

I do not trade my time for a set hourly rate; instead, I earn the amount I deserve to earn relative to the quality and amount of work I put in.

And more and more I am earning money today from work that I did in the past.

Soon enough I won’t be obliged to work for present revenues at all.

My lifestyle will be funded completely from work done previously.

(at least, that’s the goal)

The How

I write the Things I Wish I Knew Earlier Newsletter to help people like me who are earlier in the journey.

The goal is to share Big Ideas in each edition that would have drastically sped up my progression out of a day job and into my dream business.

Hence the newsletter name.

If you are a professional entrepreneur, or you have a dream to become one, then this newsletter is for you.

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